Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hyjal Cleared!

Look who called it! Read the post below. I think I speak for many people when I say this but the actual gimmick for this fight is the fact that the doomfire animation persists for no reason! It was quite amusing watching members trying to /emo into to the fire but to no avail. There goes the finger of death. :D

By the way, we're still recruiting healers - speak to Aeda or Delexi.

Congrats to Temig on Onslaught Greathelm, Skorion on Thunderheart Cover, Gerethan on Cataclysm's Edge, and Petitjon on Robes of Rhonin

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ass Galore!

Took me forever to update this again. I apologize to all of the fans! I'm not sure how many more bosses will have the rain of fire mechanic but I'd say to keep pouring it on. No pun intended. It won't stop us from taking him out week after week. At least we hope it doesn't.

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Congratulations again to the French Surrenderer himself on Glory of the Defender, his fellow French Surrenderer Liljon on Gloves of the Malefic and Delexi on Gloves of Absolution.

Archimonde's dead soon. Can you feel it?

Friday, November 09, 2007

It looked like a backwards G...

Well to some of us thought it looked that way. This is how the skeletons were coincidentally formed throughout our night of fun-filled learning. That ground has never seen more blood, sweat and tears (Not literally speaking.) I love burn fights.

The debate was actually between a question mark and a backwards G.

You be the judge.

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Congrats to on Softstep Boots of Tracking and Celannia on Cowl of Benevolence.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

If only keying wasn't so bad...

Despite keying some new guys as well as playing catch up we've gained some good ground in a night by taking out these two pushovers. I would've thought the trash would be scaled back by now but Blizz never fails to amuse me! All in all there were plenty of gems, epix and even a Lola's Eve! Nothing like kiting a helpless creature and restoring Akama to his original self. Yesssss! I expect this is the beginning of many front page updates to add to this schedule of mine. We'll keep in touch.

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From Supremus: Grats Nibblezors on Felstone Bulwark and our residential French surrenderer Belanoth on Band of the Abyssal Lord.

From Shade of Akama: Grats Belanoth on Praetorian Legguards (Loot whore :D) and Spudnikus on Grips of Silent Justice.

My guildmates can't pick me apart for not updating! Even though it's almost 3 AM. :)