Thursday, October 25, 2007

High Warlords have always been overrated..

I said it! Don't target us horde! :O

Either way Naj'entus wasn't something we were going to overlook. He, she, it? provided a heal and DPS intensive encounter that will certainly be fun week after week. One false click and you will wipe. That's funny, right? :D


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Some lucky individuals got the first of our Black Temple lootz. Grats to Elnaril on The Maelstrom's Fury and Aeda on Helm of Soothing Currents.

P.S Grats Skorion on URL's!

P.P.S I really fail at updating kills that occurred days ago.

P.P.P.S More updates soon. But will they be late updates? Come back and find out!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kaz'rogal (Constant updating ftl) :)

It's pretty satisfying to watch people die as the encounter looms on. Hey, no one says I can't enjoy the demise of my guildmates. Even I got killed by a series of unfortunate events. I think it's comical. :D

But the trash was harder than this guy. The whole scripted event was very fun and now there's only two more to go.

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Grats to Aeda on Sun-touched Chain Leggings and Skorion on Belt of the Crescent Moon (Screw Oomkins.)

Moving on.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh yeah...

I kinda forgot to update this. Not that it didn't warrant an update or anything but the boss was kinda easy. :)

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Grats Darksidex on Bastion of Light and Alliin on Anetheron's Noose.

Moving forward slowly but surely.

Friday, October 05, 2007


The first night of Hyjal turned out to be successful. It's a great change of scenery and I know the rest of this guild can attest to that. I heard this boss was a loot vendor but come on. The trash was enjoyable for the first time but we all know how that turns out later on. And as Liljon would say:

"Protect GINA Proudmoore!"

I love our French-Canadian players. It's hours of endless entertainment. :)


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Congrats to Gaybash on Tracker's Blade and Celannia on Rejuvenating Bracers (Could they think of a more creative name? loldr00dz.)

Also congrats to those that are attuned for the god damn hole in the wall. We have much more work to do before some killshots in BT.

But there will definitely be some soon. See you soon!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I know we've been gone for what seems like forever..

Times have changed in the last few months.

These times have not been so kind to us. Lots of people have come and gone.

But despite all the attrition and adversity we have conquered what at one point seemed out of reach time and time again. Everything had been put together just at the right moment and just in time.

Kael'Thas Dead

I personally felt my ears were about to explode from all the excitement and yelling but they've endured something quite like this before.

And I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of these players in this guild for never giving up and sticking with us through thick and through thin.

Congrats to Darksidex on Crystalforge Chestpiece, Temig on Destroyer Chestguard, Adaras on Leggings of Murderous Intent, Alliin on Gauntlets of the Sun-King and Daagon on the Verdant Sphere.

The real content awaits. Finally..