Monday, January 15, 2007

We gave Thaddius the shocker.

The Burning Crusade is almost upon us but that didn't stop us from fingering this son of a bitch. If only Blizzard would actually make characters disappear right when they disconnected.

No, that seems too logical. :D

Congrats AGAIN to Darksidex on Redemption Headpiece (Loot whore) :), Skyshadow on Bonescythe Helmet, and Berix on The Castigator.

Well deserved, LoH. Well deserved. See you all in the Burning Crusade.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Gluth: Wasteland

That definitely didn't take long to put this living wasteland to sleep.

Grats to Darksidex on Death's Bargain and Dem on Sandals of Faith. This next boss looks like one hell of an encounter. WTB: [New Video Card] because we will all need a new one after this.

Stay tuned.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Grob Robbed: Slimes Retreat

Welcome back, LoH

Grobbulus' slimes will no longer be a problem while moving along in the Abomination Wing - and the peasants rejoiced!

Congratulations to Clown on Plagueheart Shoulderpads and Roughbuddha on The End of Dreams.

This was quite the welcome back party indeed. Gluth will be put to sleep soon. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Patchwerk No Play?

After the holiday break, coupled with some help from 2.0, Patchwerk went down. This fight is defintely something to be proud of as it is nowhere near a joking matter. Things are clicking together in the week preceding the expansion. The face of raiding will change come January 16th. At least we can enjoy what's left of 40-person raiding before the race to 70 starts.

Congratulations to Darksidex on Redemption Spaulders and Tekniq on Band of Reanimation.

There have been numerous first kills for this guild but this one seemed sweeter than the rest. Onwards!