Tuesday, February 12, 2008


At least for a few weeks. :)

We did it. We overcame whatever there was to overcome and did it. The raiding scene can be difficult but what's even more difficult is keeping every raider fresh, active, and happy to raid. We had to bring in some great people along with our already great core of guys and girls. Everyone meshed fast and it led to this. I'm certainly proud to be the leader of this guild and I'm sure every one of our members are proud to be apart of Legacy of Honor.

Thanks to all the supporters, our Hearts of Darkness loaner (We'll pay you back soon Remnant), and to all of those that believed.

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Loots were: Delexi on Shroud of (Sing for it) Absolution, Darksidex on Lightbringer Chestpiece, Vayle on Shard of Usually Disenchantment, and Darthmal on Memento of Tyrande.

That's the last update from me for a while. Although I hope it's not too long. :)