Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pain Without Love

Ho ho. When Reliquary of Souls was downed the scramble for Shadow Resist began. The guild bank was literally raped as we were providing hundreds of mats to these idiots that I call guildmates. <3

Then a likely ally appeared right in the nick of time to provide something this guild has really needed since the start of all this content. A very special thank you goes to Remnant. They provided more than enough hearts of darkness for us to reach the ideal shadow resist for this encounter. This kill might not have been possible without their generosity. You will be paid back in the form of French Sex (pst Demz or Liljon for details.) I'm just kidding. You'll get your hearts back very soon. :) Anyways this was just another gimmick fight. We prayed that the ones with the bad computers did not get fatal attraction. PRAYED I TELL YOU.
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Congrats to the Frenchsurrender on Onslaught Shoulderguards and Geretard on Lightbringer Shoulderbraces. Also got a libram that wasn't worth the link. :(

But wait. There's more!

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Took me so long to dig up this picture that I forget what even dropped.