Thursday, November 08, 2007

If only keying wasn't so bad...

Despite keying some new guys as well as playing catch up we've gained some good ground in a night by taking out these two pushovers. I would've thought the trash would be scaled back by now but Blizz never fails to amuse me! All in all there were plenty of gems, epix and even a Lola's Eve! Nothing like kiting a helpless creature and restoring Akama to his original self. Yesssss! I expect this is the beginning of many front page updates to add to this schedule of mine. We'll keep in touch.

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From Supremus: Grats Nibblezors on Felstone Bulwark and our residential French surrenderer Belanoth on Band of the Abyssal Lord.

From Shade of Akama: Grats Belanoth on Praetorian Legguards (Loot whore :D) and Spudnikus on Grips of Silent Justice.

My guildmates can't pick me apart for not updating! Even though it's almost 3 AM. :)