Thursday, June 14, 2007

With a guildmaster on vacation....things die faster.

Obligated goes on vacation.

I'm not good at making jokes or witty comments but without him we somehow managed to get in 2 more nights of raiding and on the 2nd night 2 bosses decided they'd give us some gear. I'm seeing a number trend here.

The ugliest fish ever seen died in a server first giving 2 server first items.
Gratz Crazyness on Bracers of Eradication and Lnori on the Libram of Absolute Truth.

Big Hook for a BIG Fish

Less than 2 hours later we were rewarded with the first 2 Tier 5 items on the server as the Funny-Looking Kid dropped without aplomb.

Gratz to Aelgar on Rift Stalker Leggings, Ralina on Destroyer Legguards, and Geenome on the Sextant of Unstable Currents.

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Stay tuned - 2 bosses left.