Friday, April 13, 2007


Downed, owned, whichever way you wish to interpret the title is your own choosing but the end result was the same. Magtheridon was crushed in the short time we took to learn the fight and execute it. The fight seems to be all about phase 1 and once that was perfected then it was smooth sailing from there. This was just a true test of our determination and peseverence through it all.

It's quite the DPS race during phase 1. That's for sure.

The top horde guild on the server, Remnant, also decided to try their luck with this boss and downed him at the same time.

9:02 PM EST

Grats to Utherian on Aegis of the Vindicator, Esaias on Thundering Greathelm, and Delexi on Shroud of the Incarnate.

Funny how things work out these days. Another fantastic job by LoH. We deserved it guys. Congratulations to Remnant as well.

Into Serpentshrine Cavern we go!