Thursday, September 21, 2006

Maexxna Eats Sword, Dies, Film at 11

We didn't quite make my goal of clearing the spider wing by Monday. Sorry for the disappointment.
Here's a little history:
Sunday, first night of attempts: a 2% wipe
Monday, second night of attempts: 1x 2% wipe, 2x 1% wipes
Wednesday: EPIX

LoH is known for its "1% curse," which we've managed to avoid for quite some time; but it unfortunately resurfaced.

Maex squashed.  WTF 1% WIPES.

Grats Arosyth on Frostfire Gloves, Lot on Dreadnaught Gloves and Cureit on Pendant of Forgotten Names.
I guess the end boss of a wing isn't worthy of carrying a GOOD neck piece.

I didn't fraps this one again because I frapsed all of our previous attempts and people were calling it "bad luck." So stay tuned for a video next week.


Special Treat!
Because it's the season for school and people are leaving the game for various reasons, Lot put together a generic "Goodbye" letter for people to use when a friend or colleague leaves the guild.

Dear [leaving member],

I was so sorry to hear
1) that you are leaving.
2) that you survived the fire.
3) that you plan to reproduce

I remember when you first joined the guild and
1) you immediately became a member of the family.
2) you tried to cyber with obligated.
3) you sent everyone nudes of yourself.
4) Deathfox gave you AIDS.

Remembering times like that make me
1) wish you wouldn't leave.
2) want to puke.
3) wish we had chosen pokelok over you.
4) remember to use more gasoline next time.

Your personality
1) warmed everyone's hearts.
2) made us all laugh.
3) reminded me of the people on trial at nuremberg.
4) made atmos seem level headed.

The fact that you are leaving
1) will make everyone sad.
2) makes me really want to play again.
3) means we can start using free-for-all again.

I hope you have a lot of success
1) in real life.
2) with your same-sex marriage.
3) collecting cans on the side of the highway for crack money.
4) with that sexual harassment lawsuit.

In closing I would just like to say
1) godspeed.
2) fuck you.
3) next time DIE in the fire.
4) I wish your mother would have swallowed instead.

[your name]