Wednesday, September 27, 2006

4 Hours of Gibberish...

...from Gerethan and we couldn't take anymore!

So, recent events convinced us that we had to confront the dark cloud over our heads. That cloud, of course, being C'thun. Last night we cleared to C'thun. Tonight, after being cold for 2 months and having a fresh raiding core, we killed C'thun at around 11:30. 56% on first weakness, 16% on second, 0% on third. Not bad, considering some people in the raid had never seen C'thun before.

No flasks. No bugs. Just skill.

Grats Gerethan on Avenger's Breastplate, Arosyth on Enigma Robes, Adeas on Dark Edge of Insanity, Skyshadow on Belt of Never-ending Agony and Elnaril on Ring of the Fallen God.

C'thun is an incredibly fun fight. I would argue that it's the best encounter in the game so far. Now that C'thun is down, let the Naxx cockblocks begin.