Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AQ Wreckage: LoH Style

*Update!* Up to Princess Huhuran. Vael meets NR. Thanks. WTB [Non-Camped World Dragon Spawns]

Le crap.

The gate opened at around midnight last Friday. After a few server crashes, some of us went to bed. Sunday night, we were in AQ.

5th Attempt

Loots? Not really worth mentioning. Elnaril got Ring of Swarming Thought.

5th Attempt

Only thing worth mentioning is Ness finally got a decent offhand. Congrats on Sartura's Might. Hopefully you get your gloves next BWL clear..

Well, with no PTR experience, not staying up until 8am in the morning, the night of the opening, and having to finish MC on Monday before going to AQ, I think we did pretty good. Tonight our instance reset and we one-shotted Skeram. Still working out the kinks on Sartura - then the server shutdown. gg